St. Francis Homeless Project, Inc.

St. Francis Homeless Project, Inc. (SFHP) is a non-profit organization based in Fresno, CA, that focuses on giving women recovering from substance abuse, homelessness, human trafficking, and domestic violence a second chance. A carefully crafted program has been developed and established that cultivates a sense of community critical for long-term stability and wellness and provides job and life skills through hands-on learning and mentoring. Throughout each 26-week program, women will learn new skills in aspects of marketing, production, and distribution of Dogs Dig ‘Em™ dog treats.

Since SFHP's inception, 62% of program graduates are employed and 72% regain custody of their children, go back to school, purchase a home and bring their families back together. 

 Through the process of baking and selling Dogs Dig ‘Em™ dog treats, women increase their self-esteem and self-reliance - discovering new purposes and accomplishing more opportunities than previously known, preparing them for re-entry into the workforce and life. 

 100% of the proceeds from the sale of Dogs Dig ‘Em™ dog treats fund the St. Francis Homeless Project program.

Video of SFHP and Bishop Joseph Brennan

Check out ABC 7's video article spotlighting the work of SFHP with Bishop Joseph Brennan, Catholic Diocese of Fresno.

Women in that statistic are 50% to 60% more likely to suffer from mental and emotional disturbances than men due to trauma experienced prior to homelessness. Recognizing these women's disadvantages, Sandra Kaye founded the St. Francis Homeless Project, Inc. in 2010 to help get these women back on their feet. Over the years, the program has grown significantly, and their highly desired dog treats have also increased in popularity among California's Central Valley dog owners. St. Francis’ Dogs Dig ‘Em™ dog treats are distributed in over 100 retail locations and are gaining more traction daily! 

Members of the SFHP team and volunteer mentors whip up a batch of Dogs Dig ‘Em™ treats.

The St. Francis Homeless Project, Inc.'s mission is to provide women in recovery the opportunity to become self-reliant and create positive changes in their lives through a training program in which they are responsible for producing and distributing all-natural dog treats.

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