How the Program Works

Program Baking Supervisor, 2022

Program Supervisor, 2022

The Program

The St. Francis Homeless Project, Inc. (SFHP) program is designed to give a second chance to women in recovery through hands-on job and soft skills experience. 

Women enter the program through referrals from partner agencies. The women must meet a minimum requirement of being drug and alcohol-free and be enrolled in a pre-recovery program such as AA to be considered. The applicants must display a desire to develop job skills that will enable them to secure and maintain employment. Potential candidates for the program will be interviewed by the SFHP Director and an initial interview panel, screened for drugs, and then recommended to the SFHP Board for final approval. Once approved, the women will complete a 26-week program cycle where they learn to make, sell, and distribute the all-natural dog treats. 

Throughout the program, the women will not only learn on-the-job skills but life skills as well. St. Francis offers various training opportunities, such as self-defense classes, in addition to mentoring sessions to aid women in recovery and re-entry.

The enrollees meet once a week to participate in the production of dog treats. As the program cycle continues, the women will begin to take on more responsibility in product distribution and marketing to further their work skills and soft skills. The women are paid for their work based on their role and the amount of responsibility they have acquired. Toward the end of the program, the women participate in resume-building workshops and meet with volunteer mentors until they enter the workforce. Guidance is given in the job application process to ensure the women are given the best possible opportunities post-program and ultimately, secure a job.

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